Sorom Citrine Drum Lampshade


Size | 300mm


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Sorom Citrine Drum Lampshade




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      Sorom Citrine is a hand-made rolled edge drum lampshade using 100% Polyester Satin Silk. Inter-changeable, impact full and elegant 100% cotton Magnetic Ribbon Shade Decor. Compliment your decor by combining fresh tones of yellow lime. Water blue variations. Charcoal greys and whites to brighten up the story.

      Suitable for use on both table lamps and pendants.


      Height Diameter
      200mm 300mm
      300mm 400mm



      Use a vacuum brush or soft, dry cloth to wipe or brush off the inside and outside of the lampshade


        MADE TO ORDER; delivered within 1-2weeks.

      • Fabric: 100% Polyester Satin Silk.
      • Fabric: 100% Cotton. Ribbon Shade Decor may vary in size and orientation to that in the image shown.

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